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Tile supplier moves to new showroom | TheBusinessDesk.com

6+ hour, 13+ min ago — 

...the Tile Mountain Group, has moved to a new showroom on the Telford... ...Managing director, Jeremy Harris, said: “We had specific criteria... ...“Telford Way Industrial Way continues to perform as Kettering’s prime...

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Xi pledges more Gaza aid and talks trade at summit with Arab leaders

6+ hour, 25+ min ago — 

...SIMINA MISTREANU and EMILY WANG FUJIYAMA, Associated Press “Since... ...Health Ministry.... ...Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Bahrain King Hamad.... ...in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Sam Metz in Agadir, Morocco;...

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Help figuring out how to/ the best way to get power to a new house

30+ min ago — 

...Reading on Southwire suggests that even drawing just 200 amps through...

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Wiring Confirmation from Panel for AC / Visible Issues?

29+ min ago — 

...Please start a new question for recommended wire gauge, giving FLA, LRA... ...The first item was around whether I could upgrade my breaker from...

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How do I (fairly cheaply) fix an uneven & somewhat broken apart basement floor?

1+ hour, 27+ min ago — 

...The house was a flip by a developer so I guess fixing this wasn't...

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Multiples base or convector heaters connection

1+ hour, 31+ min ago — 

...Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook.... ...jonction box for the 2nd heater main power?...

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Is This Rust/Corrosion in Evaporator Drip Pan Typical?

2+ hour, 25+ min ago — 

...and evaporator are in an open-air attic in north Texas, if any of... ...was installed in July 2016 (so about 8 years old), and my air handler...

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Is a double 30 amp breaker powering three rooms from a subpanel bad?

2+ hour, 51+ min ago — 

...believe there are two 20A, one 25A, and possibly one 30A fuses – Joel Pierce... ...Explore Teams Is a double 30 amp breaker powering three rooms from... ...If 14 gauge, then you need a 15 amp double breaker.... ...A double breaker of the right size is good on a MWBC....

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Fedders CWCO24B3B Need wiring diagraph for motor install

3+ hour, 16+ min ago — 

...Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook.... ...diagraph for motor install We have older Fedders CWCO24B3B with AC...

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New compressor install by HVAC pro, what tests / procedures should I ensure are performed or check on my own afterwards?...

4+ hour, 4+ min ago — 

...on the compressor.... ...and fan are going into my AC.... ...For a bit of background, the AC kept tripping the breaker was the... ...confident based on my support call and just dove right into the compressor...


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