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220V 50 amp two way switch

59+ min ago — 

...I have to manually unplug my Air Compressor, in order to use my Hobart... ...MVP 210 welder....

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Evap cooler Honeywell CL512 glue smell since new

2+ hour, 26+ min ago — 

...Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook.... ...Evap cooler Honeywell CL512 glue smell since new How can I get rid...

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Stud finder continuously beeping in garage but not inside house

2+ hour, 14+ min ago — 

...Stud finder model: Stanley IntelliLaser Pro 77-260 Reminder: Answers...

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What is normal flow coming from icemaker tubing?

3+ hour, 6+ min ago — 

..., no flow and leaks that I have found over a few decades. – Ed Beal... ...flow, especially with just 10' away. - Plastic lines are fine, pex... ...– Ed Beal Commented Dec 7, 2017 at 2:44 - If you have a saddle...

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Could someone please help me i need to know how to charge to screw down floors per square foot

2+ hour, 54+ min ago — 

...or carpenter or whatever in New York is much higher than in Mississippi... ...Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook....

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Contractor Did Not Follow Code When Drilling Through Floor Joists

3+ hour, 56+ min ago — 

...Explore Teams Contractor Did Not Follow Code When Drilling Through... ...Question Asked today Modified today Viewed 4 times 0 A plumbing contractor...

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How do I run ethernet, speaker wire, and coax through a wall into a crawlspace?

5+ hour, 1+ min ago — 

...Have the assistant pull up the excess slack.... ...Have assistant grab the fish tape & attach the cables....

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Cheapest way to satisfy code requirement for 10 year sealed interconnected smoke alarms

4+ hour, 40+ min ago — 

...The local electrical inspector told me that state law (Illinois,... ...inspection done soon after some electrical work that I am doing.... ...be that in IL the electrical inspector has jurisdiction, but everywhere... ...else I've see, it's the local fire chief....

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50 AMP sub panel in new shed

4+ hour, 58+ min ago — 

...degree LB and then run Liquid Tight into the building with a rubber...

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Has anyone reported that Chinese bolts have been mismarked?

5+ hour, 38+ min ago — 

...Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook.... ...They were provided as part of a project kit made in China....


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